Stream 5. Agility and Projects

Agile practices for projects, hybrid approaches to project management, scaling to the programme and portfolio level and incorporating the right mindset for adaptive organisations.


Reinhard Wagner

  • Managing director, Tiba Managementberatung GmbH (Germany). 30+ years of experience in performing, managing, consulting and coaching projects and programmes in various industries and roles; main expertise in Automotive Industry, Engineering and Research as well as NGOs
  • Chairman of the IPMA Council of Delegates.
  • Honorary Chairman of the GPM German Project Management.
  • IPMA International Project Management Association (e.g. IPMA Delta, Coaching4Development, IPMA Global Standards); Honorary Member of several IPMA Member Associations
  • Author, Blogger and Speaker. Authored and edited more than 35 books in the field of project, programme and portfolio management, published several hundred articles in journals and blogs and is frequently invited as speaker for international conferences

Alexey Polkovnikov

  • Managing partner, Project PRACTICE Group - 25 years of experience of implementing project management methodologies for different industries, about 800 projects
  • Chair of the board, Russian project management association SOVNET.
  • Member of IPMA Council of Delegates for about 20 years.
  • National and international IPMA 4CL and DELTA assessor.
  • Chair of the Technical Committee 205 “Project management”, ROSSTANDART.
  • Development of GOST and ISO standards in project management.

Agile project management approaches: current state and trends

Alexey Polkovnikov & Reinhard Wagner

  • Traditional, agile, hybrid or selective PM? – What is applied according to results of the 4th “Status Quo (Scaled) Agile” Survey and what are the reasons for each application?
  • Scaling methods, or the “new kids on the block” – Which methods for scaling agile are applied, why and how? Answers from the 4th “Status Quo (Scaled) Agile” Survey
  • What does all this mean for the strategy, structure, culture, mindset and competences of an organization? Insights into the practice of German Automotive Industry and beyond.

Achieving adaptability through PM 4.0 – from projects up to the organizational level

Reinhard Wagner

The statement "one size does not fit them all" is also true for project management. Depending on the situation in the project or a project phase, the right method or tool should be selected and applied. This is what we call "adaptive PM". If modern technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital technology or virtual collaboration platforms are used, PM quickly becomes PM 4.0. If this application is scaled to the organizational level using modern scaling methods, then optimization towards an "adaptive organization" is possible.

STREAM.PM – tailoring project management methodology to projects and organisations

Alexey Polkovnikov

How to develop project management methodology that fit to projects and organization’s management system? How to increase benefits from projects and decrease project management efforts?

STREAM.PM approach is based upon an experience of more than 100 projects of implementation of project management systems for different organisations and industries in Russia. ST-RE-AM means ST=System+Team, RE=Result+Economy-oriented, Adaptive Methodology.

It will be presented a projects complexity analysis model and an approach to development of hybrid project management methodologies.

Agility – From Vision to Reality in Projects and Organizations

Panel discussion, round table

Goal and main questions

Understanding WHY a change is necessary, WHAT works well and HOW to adopt agile practices in real life.

Main participants

Joop Shefferlie for Agile Leadership, Vladimirs Ivanovs of Latvia with his example of BP and some participants from Russia.


Reinhard Wagner, Alexey Polkovnikov.