The Project Management Association SOVNET took over the arrangement of the IPMA World Project Management Congress from Mexico.

The 31st IPMA World Project Management Congress 2019 took place in Merida, Mexico September 30 - October 2. The key discussion topic was: "Integrating Sustainability into Project Management". For three days the representatives from more than 70 countries were sharing the best practices in the project management area, discussing tendences and development prospects.

The 32d World Congress will take place on September 22-24, 2020 in Saint Petersburg. There the lead experts in project management, professionals, business and global companies representatives, scientists, students, teachers, non-governmental organizations, media, etc. will share experience, present their developments, and discuss project management problems in digital transformation area.

The organizer of the IPMA World Project Management Congress in Russia is the Project Management Association SOVNET.

The IPMA World Congress is the widespread platform for the project managers international society meeting. It has been the lead event for project management, programs and portfolios for several decades. The first Congress took place in Austria in 1967. In 2019 Mexico provided the platform for it. In 2020 this event will be arranged in the cultural center of Russia - Saint Petersburg. Next year Tokyo will take over the organization of the Congress.

Discount price will be available till November 1.

The number of tickets is limited.