Methodology and approaches in project management

June 10, 13.00 CEST

The IPMA World Congress in St. Petersburg this September will dedicate special attention to the new approaches and methodologies in project management. Project Management is widely used in all areas of society. However, some areas need more attention due to their importance for society as a whole. One of these areas is certainly the public sector that is in charge of a great majority of the projects. Hence in the Congress, an overview and approaches in this sector will be presented. In this webinar we will be talking about an approach that is developed and used in European Union.

In the crisis and post-crisis era, focus on sustainability is more important than ever. Orientation on people, planet and profit needs to be balanced and integrated into project management methodologies and approaches. This is a topic we will be addressing both in the Congress and this webinar.


Vladimir Obradović,

Prof. dr Vladimir Obradović is an experienced lecturer and consultant. He is a professor at Belgrade University and several other Universities. He is IPMA Serbia President and a member of various bodies in the International Project Management Association.


Nicos Kourounakis

Nicos Kourounakis is a Co-Author of the PM² Methodology (2012, 2016, 2018), the Agile PM² Guide (2014), the PfM² Portfolio Management Guide (2019). He is the President and CEO of the PM² Alliance.

Gilbert Silvius

Prof. dr Gilbert Silvius is an experienced ‘practitioner-turned-academic’, an authentic thinker, an experienced lecturer and an innovative author. His academic affiliations include LOI University of Applied Sciences and a number of other Universities.

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