Improving the Practice of Project Management Using Critical Systems Thinking

Mickhael Jackson

Dr. Michael C. Jackson, Practice stream speaker

Dr. Michael C. Jackson is Emeritus Professor at the University of Hull, editor-in-chief of Systems Research and Behavioral Science, and MD of Systems Research Ltd. Mike is known as a key figure in the development of ‘critical systems thinking’ - a topic on which he has published ten books and over 100 articles.

Mickhael Jackson

His latest book “Critical Systems Thinking and the Management of Complexity” was published by Wiley in April 2019. Making use of over 25 case studies, this book offers an account of the development of systems thinking and of major efforts to apply the approach in real-world interventions. It encourages the widespread use of critical systems practice as a means of ensuring responsible leadership in a complex world.

Improving the practice of project management using critical systems thinking

The world has become increasingly networked and unpredictable. Decision makers at all levels are required to manage the consequences of complexity every day. They must deal with problems that arise unexpectedly, generate uncertainty, are characterised by interconnectivity, and spread across traditional boundaries. Simple solutions to complex problems are usually inadequate and risk exacerbating the original issues.

Attend the Practice stream and listen to the speaker - Dr. Michael C. Jackson.

  • Examine the range of issues thrown up by the multi-dimensional complexity of the modern project leadership environment.
  • Discuss the latest systems approaches designed to cope in that environment, especially critical systems thinking.
  • Check examples from major projects in Spain, Africa and the U.K. to illustrate the argument.
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