Project Management and Leadership Education and in the Era of Digitalization

September 9th, 13.00 CEST
Virtual pre-conference event: a presentation, a workshop and a concluding panel discussion.

Henrik Bergman and Erik Månsson will introduce the topic through a case study on how Karlstad Business School in Sweden currently is developing and enhancing it’s master degree education in project management.

Participants will then be invited to discuss and debate in parallel breakout rooms.
What is actually project leadership in the era of digitalization? Is it necessary? And in that case what form of leadership?

Panel discussion
Based on participants’ input from the workshop the session will be concluded with a panel debate where a few academic educators will offer their comments and insights as well as answering questions from the audience.



The educational activities in the area of Project Management at Karlstad Business School are stably successful with satisfied students and high application demand. The market seems to like the Master programme as do professionals.

One key factor is that motivation and self-awareness are essential skills for a project manager in order to lead oneself, others and the project itself to success. A second key factor is that to teach students self-awareness, exposing them directly to the key stakeholders through role play and real project cases, this helps them getting a first-hand learning experience which in turn affect their self-awareness.

Teaching project management can be done from different perspectives. The ‘Karlstad way’ of teaching project management based on:

Thanks to the rapid digitalisation, students now have had the opportunity to discuss project management with project managers and clients from all over the world. Topics as cultural perspectives, leadership and scaling agile. In this presentation, we want to share our experiences around this, and how we are preparing the students for their future challenges and work environment including also a mentoring programme.