Project Management at Universities: From Local to Global

Collaboration with IPMA SIG: SMARTER U
May 13, 2021 10.00 CEST

Webinar for rectors, vice-rectors, directors of project offices, project managers, teaching staff.
The webinar is a part of the series of events of the 32nd IPMA World Congress in Russia, which will be held on September 21-23, 2021 in St. Petersburg.


  • Development strategy of a modern university
  • PM at universities for cooperation with business partners
  • Integration of university projects into the world agenda
  • University projects as response to global challenges


  • Council for Project Management at Universities under SOVNET
  • WINbd


Veniamin Kizeev, Global Head of Smarter U SIG Member of the Board of the National Association SOVNET certified project manager, IPMA Level А®; expert of WINbd for project management and innovation

Webinar speakers

  • Vladimir Obradović, IPMA Serbia President member of various bodies in International Project Management Association.
  • Mladen Vukomanović, Vice President for Profession Development, Croatia.
  • Ding Ronggui, Professor of Project Management at the School of Management Shandong University in China, member of the Ministry of Education Engineering Management Education Advisory Committee and the Scientific Coordinator of the IPMA.