Project Management Practices in the Digital Era. Free online forum

We are happy to announce free online forum, that will be held as the part of 32nd IPMA World Congress!

Things are changing fast and we are always on the lookout for ways to improve performance and support growth. This Autumn we gather practicing professionals to share experience and best practices in project management.

We're looking forward to seeing you among participants

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21-24 September, 2020

English day. 21th of September, 2020. Urgent and unexpected projects

In the last few months our world has changed dramatically as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing us to rethink some of our ideas about project work. The emergency nature of the reaction to the global outbreak means decisions must be made immediately, plans must be enacted in a matter of hours – or minutes – and our conservative aversion to risk taking must be reversed to facilitate rapid mega transformations in organisations, nations and society at large. Yet, the need to respond urgently, and engage with rescue and recovery activities means there has been very little time to think about the changing nature of projects.

The purpose of this interactive workshop is to reflect on the implications of the new ways of working, share stories of successful emergency projects, and establish new guidelines, ideas and good practices for deploying urgent and unexpected projects. The session heralds the beginning of a new conversation about doing critical projects that matter under demanding and unforgiving circumstances. This IPMA expert workshop provides an opportunity for practitioners to hear what works, contribute, share, reflect and improve. Join us and our global community of practitioners to explore what’s different now and determine how we can become better at dealing with urgent and unexpected projects, programmes and initiatives.

Format: virtual 2 hrs. event, Keynote speaker presentation, 3 cases from different countries, Interactive discussion in small groups.

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Key-note speaker of the first day: Darren Dalcher

Darren Dalcher is Professor in Strategic Project Management at Lancaster University Management School. He is the founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management (NCPM). He gained his PhD from King’s College, London. He has written over 200 refereed papers and book chapters and published over 30 books. He gained his PhD from King’s College, London. He has written over 200 refereed papers and book chapters and published over 30 books. He is Editor-in-Chief of Wiley’s Journal of Software: Evolution and Process and Editor of two established book series focused on managing projects. Professor Darren Dalcher is an Honorary Fellow of the Association for Project Management and a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society. He is the Academic Advisor and consulting editor for the 7th edition of the APM Body of Knowledge.