Let's make projects sustainable together! Sustainable Project Management Summit

Within the the 32nd World Congress of the International Management Association projects (IPMA), the Sustainable Project Management Summit was held.

The two-day professional event was held in online and offline formats with the direct partnership of the Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division, the National Project Management Association SOVNET, the global organization Green Project Management Global (USA) and its representative in Russia and the CIS — the Project Alliance Association; expert community, as well as large Russian and international business.

Participants of the Sustainable Project Management Summit, with moderators Vice President of Standardization and Certification International Project Management Association (IPMA) Oksana Klimenko and Head of the Scientific and Technical Development Department of the Engineering Division State Corporation "Rosatom" Nikolay Leontiev, held three discussion thematic modules: “Sustainable Development: Global and national context”; "Experience of the state corporation Rosatom in the transition to ESG-concept and approach to sustainable development"; "Implementation of projects, sustainability programs and portfolios of various construction projects of the state corporation Rosatom”. Practical cases on the implementation of the concept of sustainable development in project management of various sizes and types of activities were presented at the event.

Key speakers of the Sustainable Project Management Summit

— Svetlana Bik, head of the expert and analytical platform "Infrastructure and Finance for Sustainable Development", topic of presentation: “ESG Factors as a Risk Management Tool in Investment projects ";

— Konstantin Zavizenov, Director for Capital Construction of JSC ASE, topic of presentation: “Commitment of the Engineering Division Rosatom State Corporation for the UN sustainable development goals”

— Joel Carboni, President of the Global Green Project Management, topic of presentation: “Sustainable Development: Are We Late?”;

— Alexey Agafonov, director of support and development of the project produced by JSC ASE, the topic of the presentation: “Knowledge and exchange for the result: implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the framework of international educational practical project — BIM management"

— Olga Panova, President of the National Union for Assistance to the Formation and development of a culture of healthy nutrition for children and adolescents "The health of our children", the topic of the speech "Impact of CSR projects on the implementation of the strategy companies"

— Alexey Kuleshov, Rostelecom Product Support Department, presentation topic: "Implementation of the company's sustainable development strategy through projects"

— Anton Protsenko, Director of the Rusatom Overseas Project Office, topic speeches: "Three components of stability of Rusatom Overseas "

Following the Summit on Sustainable Project Management, a Communiqué was adopted