The Main Topics to Be Presented at The Congress:

  • Perspective and context of the projects, programs and portfolios in the digital world: strategies, products, processes, standards, and culture. What is changing? What needs to be changed?
  • Digital transformation of the enterprise, city, state. Key values and crucial success factors for the projects and digital transformation programs;
  • Sustainable development in the digital transformation era. Challenges and perspectives;
  • Application of new digital technologies in project management, artificial intelligence and virtual reality today. How new and old practices together provide value creation;
  • New understanding of the projects’ complexity in the digital world;
  • Successful practices and failures of the last decade. A new look at failed projects: is good failure better than bad success?
  • What are the differences among projects for society, business or state?
  • Project management digital ecosystem. Digital platforms and solutions for project management. Challenges for the project offices in new reality;
  • Projects in the VUCA-world: changing the mind of the leader and the project team;
  • New approaches in professional development: travel to the profession, regenerative learning, growth environment;
  • Knowledge transfer in project teams and in digital project management;
  • Human factor in project management: psychological health and well-being, prevention of stress and burnout;
  • Global trends and their influence on project management methodology development;
  • “Smart” Project Management: methods and technologies;
  • Convergence of methodologies and knowledge in project management;
  • Successful hybrid approaches to project and programmes management, traditional projects integration, lean, kanban, design thinking, devops, etc.;
  • Methodologies and successful application examples of flexible approaches to managing large projects and organizations;
  • Flexible business and flexible organization: different models for different organization. Successful transformation: ways to create a flexible organization;
  • Application of individual and organizational competencies of flexible management outside of IT: new product development, procurement, marketing and sales, HR.

The discussion will take place in different formats - presentations, master classes, panel discussions, business games and seminars that will be conducted by the world's leading experts in the project management field.