People in project management

Project Management People: Project Leader's competencies for the digital age

The People stream aims to address the relevant aspects of project, programme and portfolio management in the context of digitalization and globalization from the people's perspective.

Topics of the People stream

— Shared leadership in project teams

— Effective interactions and value co-creation in virtual teams

— Social practice theory

— Social network analysis and social media for project management

— Impact of digitalization on the project management career models

— Project management pedagogies: from classical approaches to serious games and learning orientation in project teams


Why should I come

— Interactive and innovative sessions, such as: workshops, simulations, serious games

— Prestigious keynote speakers

— Scientific papers presentation, addressing challenging topics

— Inspiration from the approaches and results presented by the experts

Day 1. Developing a New Mind Set for navigating tomorrow’s projects in VUCA environments


21st September 2021

  • Nick Obolensky: Leadership in VUCA

  • Leh Simonelli: In a climate of uncertainty & change, how neuroscience may assist team engagement and motivation & a sense of psychological safety … New take

  • Yvonne Schoper: Motivation and Leadership of volunteers in Not-For-Profit Organisations

  • — Loveleen Brenna, author of the book " The Parable of the Dog and the Peacock : How Top Organizations Create Unity and Inclusion in a Culture of Diversity " from Norway

  • — Reyhane Kazemi, Project Manager and leader of the SIG "Women in PM" from Iran Ilham Elkhomsi, founder of IPMA Maroc from Marocco

  • — Prava Chhetri, global health advisor for international development organisations for humanitarian and development programs in Africa and Asia from Nepal

  • — Alina Schukov, Master student from Berlin with Russian Background, researcher on diversity in Project Management

Day 2. Professional Journey; Learning and Continuing Development. Regenerating Learning, Enabling Professional Development


22nd September 2021

  • Martina Huemann — Why do we need no hero project managers anymore?

  • Luca Cavone, Valeria Mellone — The Impact of Kindness on Project Management

  • Afieroho U. — Delivering Projects in a Borderless World: Emerging Trends and Their Implication on Practice and Research

  • Bushuyev S., Bushuiev D., Bushuieva V., Babayev J. — Management projects by emotional infection base on the risks and opportunities

  • Reschwamm K., Richard P. — Artificial Intelligence in Project Management and its impact on project managers’ competences

  • Kamba P. — How to embrace the digital era and develop competences without losing ourselves?

  • Wolff C., Mikhieieva O. — Competences for the Management of the Digital Transformation

  • Apenko S., Breusova A. — Features and problems of forming teams of strategic projects of Russian universities

  • Bushuyev S., Bushuiev D., Bushuieva V. — Infodemia in the project management during the COVID 2019 Pandemia

  • Bergman H., Mansson E. — Self-awareness and Role-play Based PM Capability Building: Case Study Karlstad Business School (PC)

  • Semenova D. — The research on the construction of the identity of project teams

Day 3. Psychological Safety & Wellbeing. Preventing stress & burnout


Thursday 23rd September 2021

  • Brian Cracknell, Tika Rai — Driving people and projects with a culture of health for business

  • Dolmatova-Eggers I., Meyer S. — Individual and team resiliency in project management: The IFEEL Method of assessing stress, preventing burnout and assuring psychological safety using the Functional Resiliency Scale (FRS)

  • Ilina O., Tsipes L. — Ethical Risks in digitally managed Project Teams

  • Paul Hodgkins: Storytelling and interactive session — The Power of Project Leadership - Seven Leadership Lessons