Perspective and context

Stream. Project Management Perspective: Project Governance for modern organization

What changes shall be realised in the context of the projects, programmes and portfolios due to the digitalisation? This is the global question for the congress Stream 1 "Perspective".

Main topic 1. Government systems

Projects, programmes and portfolios are getting guidance from and are reporting to organisations that are doing project-based business.

Congress participants will get actual information on measures of organisations from different parts of the world. What is the impact of digitalization on governance in the new era?


The main topics of this section will be presented by keynote and invited speakers

— Ronggui Ding and Max Sunhu — Digital Governance Systems: The architecture Huawei is considering to develop for its next generation project-based business.

— Pavel Alferov — Cultural specifics of project governance in Russia. National competence model of a Project Sponsor.

— Oxana Klimenko — Translating sustainability strategy into a digital transformation project in public sector.

— Emiris D., Stefanakis A., Kalogridaki G. — The Effect of Digital Transformation on the Project Management of Industrial Maintenance Projects in the Process Industry.

Main topic 2. Governance Practices of Delta Certificate Holders

The IPMA Delta assessment evaluates the competence of organisations for guiding and supporting projects and programmes and for managing portfolios.

The leaders of the five most recent IPMA Delta® certificate holders present their views on the governance of a modern organization in this international Delta Panel Event. There will be presented experience of Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Sweden.


Governance Practice of Delta Certificate Holders

— Oxana Klimenko, Nina Bobyleva, Rusatom Overseas, Russia.

— Sergey Bushuyev, Alexandra Bekisheva, Kazgiproneftetrans, Kazakhstan .

— Giovanni Pisano, Leonardo Borri Roselli, Terna Plus, Italy.

— Jesus Martinez-Almela, Alberto Herranz Silva, TALGO, Spain.

— Per-Olof Sandberg, Johan Hedlund, SKB, Sweden.

Main topic 3a. Resilience of an organisation

In a changing world, sustainability is a critical issue. The resilience of the project design and results is a key performance indicator for the project value.

Around this topic we have a team of four knowledgeable speakers, they will together with the moderator give many interesting perspectives on resilience and use interactivity with the participants to give us unique experiences and capture their views and thinking! Join us in this fun and exciting webinar to unfold our collective intelligence on the topic of Resilience!


This topic will start with 4 keynote presentations

— Harris Apostolopoulos — Rise of the Machines: An AI perspective in the Project Management World.

— Vladimir Obradovic, Marija Todorovic and Danijela Toljaga-Nikolic — Project manager's challenges in sustainable project management.

— Marisa Silva — Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable: Antifragility in Project Management.

— Luis Marcos — An example of organisational competence with IPMA Delta.

In a second part, the speakers will enrich and deepen the views with a panel discussion and Q&A session.

Main topic 3b: Digitalisation of PM approaches in construction and production industries

The construction and production industries arrived in the digital era. Five speakers present strategic initiatives of the companies for guiding and supporting their project management.


Paper presentations dedicated to the topic.

— Hayrapetyan D., Yakovleva A. — Developing Management and Implementation Mechanism for a Digital Supply System Transformation Program in Construction Company.

— Sihombing L., Baskoro A. — Analysing cost overrun at building construction project using building information modelling.

— Chaptsov A.,Zobnin M. — Efficient project management with the digital twin tool in construction projects.

— Vasiliev V. — Digital Construction Company and "digit" influence on subject areas of the project.

— Dorobin D. — 3D/4D/5D Modelling to Implement Priority Construction Project of NLMK Group. NLMK BIM-System.

Then we invite you to join the panel discussion “Digitalisation of PM approaches in construction and production industries”.

Main topic 4. Special Global Customer Event

Enterprises with international operations need a universal concept for managing their projects, programmes and portfolios.

The IPMA Certifications are a most valuable and useful tool for ensuring the performance of the Global Customers. They will present their evidence and enrich and deepen the views with a panel discussion.


Siemens — Digital Transformation – An opportunity or a challenge

— Jürgen Wisbacher, Project Director

— Anika Näher, Digital Transformation manager

— Kurt Hofmann, Business Project Excellence Coordinator

Alstom — Project success through IPMA competence-based certification

— Jürgen Bruegmann, Director Bids & Projects

Infineon’s way to project excellence

— Alexander von Glasow, Project Director

Thales — The benefits of being an IPMA Global Customer

— Marie-Gabrielle Fourmond, Bids & Project Director

Statement of Air Liquide concerning PM-competence

— Special guest Dr. Mayank Agarwal, Air Liquide

Main topic 5. Strategy, structures, processes, standards

Contextual aspects are mainly the strategy, structures, processes, compliance, standards, regulations, cultures and values of organisations.


This topic will start with a keynote presentation

  • Mark Baldwin and Ghang Lee —Digital Processes to Support Information Management in the Delivery of Construction Projects

Topic continues with 11 presentations which are based on reviewed and accepted papers for this congress. Interactions will be part of the sessions. Themes include information management, product approach, business results, supply system, procurement management, maintenance projects and several more.

Paper presentations

— Ohtaka H., Koumura M., Isokawa M. — A Case Analysis for Managing IT Dispute Risk.

— Kovtunov A. — Distinctive features of project management during El-Dabaa NPP construction.

— Chaptsov A. — Observing natural selection of elements of organizational architectures in the digital age.

— Belugin A. — Dialogue with a top manager. How to guarantee business results from the implementation of project management?

— Kuleshov A. — Rostelecom B2O Project Office: from minor changes to major results.

— Khalimon E., Brikoshina I., Guseva M. — Analysis of practices of implementing lean technologies in project and program management in the Russian Federation and evaluation of their effectiveness.

— Nayery M., Sobhiyah M. — Project governance and external stakeholders: The role of social technologies - A literature review.

— Grishina E. — Pharmaceutical R&D project management approach for drug development projects under high level of uncertainty.

— Afonkina O. — Managing biopharma-ceutical projects: How to approach successful development.

— Davliatshin K. — The contradictions between the project management and the concept of sustainable development.